Why aCIP®

  • Are you still using a spreadsheet as your asset or systems inventory?
    With aCIP® you can record all your stuff with the data fields you like and link them to sites, exact positions, suppliers, manuals, service events etc...
  • Do you waist time managing all information and documents in your projects?
    With aCIP® you can have ONE repository with all that you need; requirements, tasks, budgets, documents, risks, meeting notes etc! And have it all linked together so you can impress your colleagues by finding what you need instantly.
  • Is it easy to see how a requirement is fulfilled, but hard to see why there is camera at door 13?
    With aCIP® set up for requirement management and linking requirements with the actual solution it is easy to trace requirements even backwords. And also to get a nice overview of your fulfilment status.
  • Are your stuck with numerous messy configuration files for your technical systems?
    Let aCIP® be your unified repository of all settings for all your technical systems. No risk for different versions, outdated configurations etc flying around your organisation. Everything in one single place makes life much easier.
  • Is your investigation drowning in millions of various data records?
    With aCIP® you have the tools you need to see relations you cannot see in others ways. And you can trace and view information in so many ways, so the wish to find that very piece of evidence you need might be fulfilled much quicker than you could imagine.