aCIP® for Intelligence

  • Information modelling for intelligence and investigations
    Define all the elements types you need, for example events, persons, organisations, vehicles and locations. Then define the relation types to link the elements together, for example PersonMemberInOrganisation, PersonKnowsPerson or EventHappendAtLocation. It is easy to create categories for elements, for example a person can be a criminal, a suspect, a victim or a witness and an organisation can be a criminal organisation, an employer or a school. A few examples of what you can do:
  • Find which criminals that could have been within 20 minutes from the crime scene within +/-1 hour of the crime event.
  • See personal connection chains. Find all 2nd or 3rd level connections for a certain person who wasn't in prison at a specific period. Which of Steve's friends and friends' friends could have been in town on July 6th.
  • Analyse and find hotspots. What are the most frequent locations for a person and his network. Who in this organisation seem to be the "spider in the net".
  • Generate Gantt views from the database to visualize events.