aCIP® for Bank Security

  • Requirement management
    Record, breakdown and follow up all your requirements. And don't stop there, tie the requirements to the procedures and technical systems that make the requirement fulfilled. As everything in aCIP® is connected you can trace also backwords so you can instantly see which requirement that is the reason for having a certain procedure or technical feature. Get nice reports of requirement fulfilment status grouped by requirement category, site or any other property. Record future requirements with start date to plan needed changes in your solutions.
  • Project management
    Plan, calculate and manage your projects, sub-project and tasks. And why not combine it with requirement management by linking requirements to your tasks, thereby enabling for the task manager to instantly see what requirements to fulfil. And the other way around, you can when looking at a certain requirement directly see which task that is responsible for fulfilling the requirement at each site. When calculating projects you can link tasks to products with prices and their suppliers, different work categories with prices and even operating costs spread over time. This makes the calculation reliable and easy to change as well as it gives all you need to efficiently manage sourcing of products and work force.
  • Retail sites physical security inventory
    Create an inventory that shows for each retail site, which systems they have, which service providers they have and who is responsible for what. Document security related events, such as criminal activity, faults and repairs, maintenance etc. This will enable to see statistics about costs, faults, threats etc grouped by site, region, system type or service provider.
  • Fraud investigations
    Document criminal activity, suspicious events and link that to time, place and person and you will have a unique tool to see "invisible" relations and to find the evidences you are looking for. As the unique concept of aCIP® links everything together you can trace information and relations in any direction.