Some aCIP® references

  • The International Enterprise
    In a more than two years long project to implement a new centralized, PSIM based, security solution, including brand new control centers and a new office for thousands of people aCIP® has been used for:
  • Planning, calculating and follow up of the project
  • Requirement management and sub-contractor proposals evaluation
  • Importing, converting anf positioning of thousands of sensors in PSIM system, including converting positions from AutoCad non-GIS based positions to PSIM systems ESRI based GIS-system.
  • The Military Agency
    A, since 2016, ongoing project to build up a centralized configuration and documentation repository for the agency's huge security solution fully based on aCIP®.
  • Auto-generation of strictly formatted Excel forms for installers to fill in sub-system configurations in the field, off-line.
  • Importing configurations from Excel forms to the configuration repository in aCIP®, including cosistency and rules checking to avoid faulty data.
  • Auto-generation of configuration files to the agency's PSIM platform based on the configuration repository.
  • General information repository bringing order to cameras, card readers, alarm systems, switches, ports etc, etc.
  • The Worldwide Defence Industry
    New project, very similar to The Military Agency, primarliy for centralized and structured security systems configuration management. Has the potential to save thousands of hours for the company while at the same time dramatically increasing the quality of configurations.