Information management reinvented

  • A toolbox to create order and structure to information
    Lets your operations define the tool, not the opposite!
  • 100% adaptable to your operations
    Element types, data fields, relations and reports fully configurable to your needs, without changing one single line of code.
  • An information model, not a bunch of tables
    Information is stored as a model with links between information elements. As far from a spreadsheet software with tables of data as you can come.
  • Tracing everything everywhere
    Up, down, left, right, forwards, backwards, wherever...
  • Information finding easier than you can imagine
    Unlimited possibilities to search, sort, filter, group and combine information.
  • Updates in real-time for everyone
    Any change by anyone anywhere is always shown to everyone everywhere, immediately.
  • Double registration impossible
    One specific piece of information is never stored in more than one place.